Some photos

Photo Gallery the harbor in Baltimore

Teaching at Hartwick College
Playing at the Boston Early Music Festival in 1999

on the cover of EMA

Raphaelson-Salvaggio Duo
somewhere in the Arizona Desert
circa 1980's

Solo CD "Renaissance" track listings

Brookwood Gardens, Cooperstown, NY May '03

Dreamcatcher Guitars, Roswell , GA

with Don Witter
Playing Jazz in Washington State

Jamin' with my son's band "Orooni"
Sittin' on top of the Rockies with my son Phil

with my maestro Dennis Koster playing my lute
with my teacher Jerry Willard after his 06 CGSUNY Performance

A jazz/funk trio from the 80's
with Dennis Koster after my first solo recital - 1977

Dowland with Ric Chrislip - '07 CGSUNY Guitar Festival

Article from the NEA NY Journal